Towel ring purchase

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First, look at the material. The material of the towel ring in the market is probably the following: copper chrome, stainless steel chrome, aluminum alloy chrome, etc. The pure copper chrome products in these materials can prevent oxidation and rarely fade; stainless steel chrome is cheap, but The use time is relatively short. Although the towel ring is a small thing, consumers should pay attention to choosing a good quality product, otherwise the towel ring should be replaced every time.

Second, look at the coating. Coating treatment is critical for hardware pendants, which are related to product life, finish, and wear resistance. A good coating is black and shiny, with a moisturizing feel, while a poor quality coating is dull. The good coating is very flat, and the inferior coating looks carefully and the surface has undulating undulations. There are also depressions on the surface that are definitely inferior products. A good coating is more wear-resistant, and the samples put out by the merchants in the store are wiped every day. The surface of the good product is basically scratch-free, and the surface of the inferior product will have dense scratches.

Third, look at the brand. If you want to buy a towel ring for after-sales protection, consumers should choose the towel ring of the brand. Although the price of the brand is higher, when the quality of the towel ring is problematic, the consumer can find the replacement or repair of the merchant. Buying a brand towel ring is more cost-effective

Fourth, look at the package. The three sanitary wares in the bathroom occupy the largest position in the bathroom, so the sanitary ware can not be matched with the towel ring, but the towel ring and the sanitary ware should be matched. When purchasing a towel ring, be sure to consider whether these towel rings match the purchased sanitary ware. Nowadays, there are all kinds of towel rings on the market. Consumers should pay attention to whether the colors, materials and models meet the overall decoration style of the bathroom. If you only care about your own, then it is very likely that the towel ring will be finally selected. The bathroom will look awkward.

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